What is it?
An interactive tourist guide provided through a network of touch-screen kiosks.

Where is it?
The kiosks are located in the lobbies of hotels throughout Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia; and Northern Washington.

What is it for?
To assist hotels, and their concierges, bellmen and front desk staff to provide their guests with useful information about the hotel and the tourist facilities available in the city. Guests can easily search for and find what they need through the intuitive category directories.

What information can guests find?
Where to eat, shop, find services, attractions, sightseeing and recreation of many kinds. A good selection of entertainment and clubs, a listing of what's on this month, professional sports team schedules and prices. Transportation information and maps are extensively used. Guests can also look for accommodations at their next port-of-call and make reservations directly from the kiosk.

What else do the kiosks provide?
Users can use the phone on the kiosk for direct connection to call a taxi or an airline, make reservations at restaurants and shows, or any other business displayed in the kiosk. Users can also print an "infoslip" which provides additional information such as address, directions and phone number, and may also contain a discount offer.

Do guests use the service frequently?
Yes, visitors often plan their daily itinerary and make bookings through the kiosk. The system keeps track of all usage, and this information is reported to the advertisers quarterly. In 2004, there were more than 4 million "hits" recorded by the entire network.

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