HERE'S INFO Visitor Information Service

Commencing in 1993, HERE'S INFO developed and operated a fleet of stand-alone and wall mounted touch screen kiosks in hotel lobbies, providing local visitor and tourist information.

Kiosks were located in more than 70 hotels in Metro Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, and in Bellingham, Washington State.

With the onset of the Covid_19 pandemic restricting travel and hotel occupancy, and the increasing use of online search for visitor information, this service has now been discontinued.

The network content remains active on our website, but with the information no longer being maintained, and with Covid_19 having a devastating impact on many tourist related businesses, much of the content may now be obsolete and should not be relied upon.

HERE'S INFO Business Centres

Commencing in 2003, HERE'S INFO has developed and operates business centre stations in the lobbies of hotels located in British Columbia and Alberta.

Originally User Pay-per Use, the stations now provide complimentary service for hotel guests.

For details about the Service, please click the BUSINESS CENTRES tab.

HERE'S INFO is owned and operated by Brian Coleman and located in Richmond, B.C. We can be reached by email at: brian@heresinfo.com, or by phone at: 778-889-7272 or toll free: 1-866-275-2565

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